Erectional Dysfunctions And Potency Problems

Erectional Dysfunctions And Potency Problems. During the last two decades years, among men after 35, one of the biggest problems is that of low sexual activity. About 40% of men of 35-40 years old have to visit urologist because of that reason. Erectional dysfunction is one of the most spread sexual problems in men, with over 50% of after middle-aged experiencing it to some extension. Most of the men are confused about this problem, and about telling it to the urologist. But pay attention that, if you have weak erection or loss of this, especially during the sexual activity, it is necessary to visit a doctor.
Some of the most common reasons of male impotence are:

• Diseases of the inflammatory or urinogenital system such like: prostatitis, orchoepidimities, cystitis, etc.

• Erectile vessels with low blood flow

• Diabetes

• High blood pressure

• Hormonal dysfunctions

• Traumas of vertebra and penis

• Ussage of some medicines

• Stressesfull and depressions.

Due to the psycho neurological features of the man, the last, psychological form of disease, comes more often. Men are unwilling to visit the doctor when they have a problem of that kind.

And this is the main problem for urologists throughout the world. When there is erectional dysfunction, it usually causes some worry or anxiety in a man, considering his ability to have sex. They are worried about it will be more difficult to get an erection next time, and so on. A usual cause of temporary erectional dysfunction, is exactly this ‘performance anxiety’, and very few sexually active men have never had experienced it in their lives. To be aware of this circle being relaxed about your sexuality, will often reduce the anxiety. In case that for you, sex is only success in penetrative intercourse, and being aware that it is a failure, if that does not happen…

Then it can be certain that anxiety-related will keep on happening. Another psychological reason that appears very often is relationship difficulties. Not only smoking may increase the chance of atherosclerosis developing, but also smokers have much bigger chance for attaining erectile problems. The first clinically proven natural sublingual tablets, Deer Antler Plus, have immediate action. They have no harmful effect and are easy to use. Eliminate your erection problems, using this unique combination of vitamins and natural herbs. This medicine helps you to increase the intensity and frequency of erections, as well as, sperm volume and potency in whole. The following ingredients are in each of these tablets: niacin; vitamin B6; L-Argentine; L-Phenylalanine; Epimedium; Maca and base. Niacin is used for erection to be much more

intensive. To have bigger blood volume during arousal helps Vitamin B6. Not only, has it as well, helped you to improve your mood, due to helping formation of respective neurotransmitters. Dopamine hormone is converted by L-phenylalaline, which reduces the symptoms of stress, exhaustion and certain medicaments. Testosterone is freed up by Epimedium that also stimulate sensory nerves in genital area. It is important to say that it increase sex drive and endurance. Intensity of libido and improves potency are supported by Maca, that creates homeostasis and regulates hormones and enzymes levels.

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