Therapy and Medical Care of Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also very commonly known by the term impotence. The meaning of this term is very simple, when the penis of any man is unable to get the enough stiffness so that the man can carry out the sexual congress. It is all about maintaining or getting a proper erection for the sexual congress. The term impotence is not at all similar to the term untimely ejaculation; it simply means delayed ejaculation or sterility.
There are several effectual ways for the therapy or medical care of impotence. One of the most popular or widely known drugs which is being used in the world is sildenafil which is commonly known as vigra, which is generally consumed in the form of a pill when the stomach is empty and it should be consumed one hour prior to the sexual congress. It is effectual in about 80% of the cases. It is not as effective in those cases where people are suffering from erectional dysfunction such as diabetes and prostate gland surgery.

Sildenafil can result in some minor fallout such as headache and flushing, but it has been observed that it is safe for most of males, which includes the men suffering from heart malady. Mental treatment which could be in the form of counselling, behavioural treatment as well as couples treatment which has been proved very effectual in most of the cases where this dysfunction is stimulated due to psychological factors. Yoga is one of the fields which also has cure of this dysfunction as yoga believes that most of the disease are caused because of the deficient vital force either to a particular part of the body or to the body as whole.
Yoga renders various means of self-reformation and also accomplishing to one’s complete potential. Khandasana is one of the exercises specified in yoga which helps as one of the therapies of erectile dysfunction. Kanda signifies a bulblike root or a knot. The kundalini rests over the kanda( it is a place which is very near to navel where the nadis combine and then eventually separate). It gives liberation or release to the philosophers and a kind of slavery to the fools.

In Khandasana each and every muscle which is around the navel gets exercised and the kind of pose which is taken up in this asana heals the hardness in the joints of ankle, knee and also in the regions of hips. It also restitutes the energy which is required during the sexual congress and also commands over the sexual desire of the person. Another therapy is hormonal therapy, which is applicable to those people in which the level of testosterone is very low.
There are several therapies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but it should be only undertaken by the consultation of some physician as the therapies which include the consumption of some drug have their own side effects.

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