Causes and Reasons for Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

The erectional dysfunction is caused due kidney failure, smoking, and consumption of alcohol as well as drugs such as nicotine. It can also be caused due to psychological reasons such as stress and various disorders such as panic as well as anxiety. The dysfunction increases with the rise in age, it doubles after every decade. Sometimes it can also be caused due some abnormal medicines. The treatment of erectile dysfunction depends upon the cause of the malfunction.
The various supplements of testosterone can be given to any male whose impotence is caused due to hormonal deficiency. In most of the cases the reason for impotence is failure of flow of required amount of blood through the penis due to the damage caused to blood vessels present in the penis. The damage to blood vessels are most commonly seen in people who are in their 60’s and is mostly caused due to disease such as diabetes. The treatments for impotence work only on impermanent basis and it can modify the erection to be attained and it could be maintained for a long period of time during the sexual congress.
It can be treated by the use of some kind of drug which can be consumed orally or given in the form of injection. Such kind of drug could lead to rise in the level of nitric oxide and can improve the flow of blood through the vessels in the penis. There are several exercises such as aerobic exercise which is one of the cheap ways to get rid of impotence. If these methods are not effective in order to cure impotence, vacuum pumps are being used to cure impotence by giving an erection to the penis of any person before any sexual congress.
This method can also be used for any person who is interested in increasing the length of the penis. There are several enzymes such as cyclic nucleotides base which catalyze the reaction of cyclic GMP as well as AMP. These enzymes exist in various molecular frames and are circularised all over the body of any person. One of such enzymes is named as PDE5 and is consumed orally. This enzyme causes the cGMP to cheapen. These enzymes can only work whenever there is any sexual arousal.
There are several surgical methods which are available in the market today in order to treat the people suffering from impotence. It is one of the most common process of prosthetic embeds which involves several procedure of interpolation of artificial rods in the penis of any male which can remove the impotence on a permanent basis. There are several other medications which are available in the market today which can help to improve the impotence such as Deer Antler Plus. It's brave new product without any side effects and it's on a discount prince.

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